Monday, September 2, 2013

7th Birthday Seven

Seven years ago today at 8:20 pm, Natalie Elizabeth was born.  She was impossibly tiny, blue, and not breathing.  Now she's a bright, healthy, and beautiful 7 year old!  For her birthday I wanted to share (and record for her and myself) seven things that make Natalie who she is today. 

1) HER GIGGLY LAUGH- You'll hear it if you tickle her in just the right place or if you say something funny (or in some cases not funny at all but something Natalie finds hysterical).  

2) HER LOVE OF BOOKS- She will choose books over toys any day and she literally screams with excitement when entering a library or bookstore.  Right now her favorites include Fancy Nancy and The Berenstain Bears.  Lately, she also likes to read my old copy of Danny and the Dinosaur before bed.    

3) HER LOVE FOR HER FAMILY (especially Cook)!

4)HER RECENT BIG GIRL ATTITUDE- Until very recently I always stayed in Natalie's bed with her until she fell asleep.  Now she has been pushing me out some nights and choosing to go to sleep by herself.  I'm going to miss that snuggle time with her but glad she's becoming more independent.  

5) HER LOVE OF MUSIC AND DANCING- She likes a huge variety of music from musicals to rap to rock and country.  The Grubbs got her a hello kitty CD player for her birthday and she's been dancing away to it today.  

6) HER WARINESS REGARDING CHANGE/NEW ROUTINES-  She may not look much like her mom but she definitely gets this from me.  Try to deviate from her normal routine and you're likely to get "the look"! 

7) HER STUBBORNNESS/PERSISTENCE- Luckily the above pic is an extreme example after a long day but Natalie is, in general, sure to let her feelings be known. Her persistence has helped her tackle tough physical obstacles and is probably a good part of why she is here today.  She possibly gets her "persistence" from me also.  

I know that I already have seven but I want to add that she also has a unique talent for ruining otherwise good pictures of us together by either moving, making a face, or not looking at the camera. Believe it or not, this pic was the best of about 10.  

I love seeing more and more of Natalie's personality come out as she grows up.  Happy 7th birthday to my girl.  


  1. We will be in Dayton at Thanksgiving. We sure would love to meet Natalie in person!!

  2. Wow, I hope Nat had an Awesome birth anniversary!!! Great pics! Time flies by sometimes...