Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strep and Seizures?

Natalie LOVES the GIANT cookies Howard buys for the kids every week at DLM.

This week has been a strange one. On Tuesday I got a call from Natalie's preschool teacher describing 2 "events" that they had just witnessed with Natalie. As her teacher and the school OT described it, Natalie had what looked like a tremor start in her foot and move through her entire body while at the same time moving her mouth into a "grimace". She did this twice within a few minutes. They were concerned about possible seizure activity. No one who has spent time with her since has witnessed any further events. However, I thought it would be best to contact the neurologist and she now has an appointment for March 22. Ugh! I really hope that she's not having seizures. I hate to think that she may have one more condition to deal with. However, the Neuro previously told us that children with CP are at increased risk for seizures. I'm trying not to think or worry about it much because it may be nothing.

On Wednesday, the school called again because Natalie was acting really tired and when they took her temp it was around 100. She has had a fever since then but it's always under 101 and usually more around 100. She has been acting totally fine other than being a little more tired than usual. Since today was her fourth day with the fever I decided to take her to the Ped to see if something other than a virus was going on. Turns out, after over 2 hours in the doctor's office, Natalie was diagnosed with strep throat. After discussing Natalie's issue with taking medication by mouth (normally gags so much she makes herself throw up), he asked if I wanted her to have an antibiotic shot instead. Poor Natalie! She was SO mad about the shot but I was so relieved that I would not have to figure out how to trick her into taking antibiotics for the next 10 days!

By the way, the big girl weighed in at 38.6 lbs (with her AFOs and shoes on). No wonder I have been having so much back pain lately.

For now I just wanted to document what has been going on. I have a few other posts planned in my head that I hope to get to soon.

I think next week will be a much better week for us!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lunch Date

Natalie had a lunch date with one of her favorite people today - Brian. She was a little annoyed that he did not have Amy with him but she got over it and had fun anyway!