Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Grade!

I really can't believe that my once tiny little baby started first grade this week.  We decided that a change in school for this year would be in her best interest and have high expectations for this school year.  

 Here she is trying out her new Hello Kitty headphones for school.  She's smiling here because she's listening to Jay-Z (she may be disappointed that he's not likely part of the elementary school music curriculum). 

All dressed and ready to go on the first day. 

She refused to smile for me but I'm sure that she was excited on the inside!

She had a great first week!  Two girls in her class gave her the bracelets she is wearing :)

This is one of the cards that my friend Andy kindly designed and printed for me to pass out to Natalie's first grade classmates.  I hope that these help the other kids understand more about Natalie. 


  1. Yay Nat!! Glad you had a good first week!!! - Heidi

  2. Those years went by fast, didn't they? I love the cards! Great idea!!

  3. My blog lovin' app does not seem to be as reliable as I would like! Luckily, my mom shared this link on her FB page! I am so happy that Natalie enjoyed her first week at Rushmore! RUSHMORE! She's a spartan now......Gooooo Nat!

  4. Were the cards a success?